Holier Than Thou

You act as though

The right hand of God

Rests upon your shoulder

Lecturing those like me

We sinners

And blasphemers

For our worship of false idols

Partaking in obscene practices

And immoral deeds

Because your book proclaims them so


We are going to Hell

Or so you tell us

For our promiscuity


Personal identity

Or just lack of belief

In your preferred deity


Yet you so willfully ignore

All else your book prescribes

The giving of alms

Helping those less fortunate

Loving thy neighbour

Treating others as you wish to be treated yourself


I may be an Atheist

But I am far more Christian

Than you will ever be

So I guess I’ll be seeing you in Hell as well



    1. Cheeky maybe, but true.
      The person who inspired this genuinely is terrible. He harassed a friend of mine on Facebook over her lifestyle, so when she blocked him he went to her place of work to do it in person.
      He attends Church, but complains about the vicar encouraging people to give to charities and the needy.
      I’ve seen him fully blank people with collection buckets, then criticise others for only putting in small change.


      1. I do understand you and though I follow Christianity I too have suffered at the hands of those jydgementsl and clised hypicrites. Even when you are in it, it can be the cryelkest of places. But yes, there are a few who are different. I am glad that you erite this piem, thus putting into wirds what I feel akso. Many thanks

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