My Favourite Words To Word With

I’m an advocate of swearing

I make no bones about it

As far as I’m concerned

No word should be off limits

(but only if, of course, the context will allow it)


You see the beauty of profanity

Is found within its versatility

The nigh on endless applicability

Its conciseness and simplicity


Take the C-word for example

The rudest, many claim

A vicious term for those you hate

And those you love, just the same


The S-word can, we know,

Be used in a similar way

Along with its very own meaning

Which I shouldn’t need to say


But the F-word is my favourite

It fits every occasion

From insults to endearment

Or just an exclamation

It’s a measure of your interest

It’s great for accentuation

Describing a situation

Or talking about fornication


I guess what I’m trying to say

Is that when I use these words

I’m not going out of my way

To cause upset, offend or hurt


I see profanity as a tool

To be used by those who want

And if you can’t handle that

I guess you’re just a …


(I’ll leave that last rhyme

To your imagination

Can you find a suitable word

To fit the occasion?)



  1. Great poem. To your point, I have some Scottish coworkers who say in their culture calling someone by the C-word is not a cuss, but just a way of flatteringly referring to them. i.e, John is such a good “c-word”.

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