Under The Microscope

Every second, every minute

Every hour, every day

Everything we ever do

Everything we ever say


Always on camera

Texts and phone calls logged

Every tweet or post or ‘gram

All we write about or blog


Held on record somewhere

In case we ever get flagged up

Or find ourselves in the public eye

Our past is ready to be dug up


There is always someone watching

Poised with a fine-tooth comb

To sift through an entire history

As a scholar would study a tome


Nothing is ever forgotten

Nothing fades from memory

We all have our very own file

Detailing our life story


One misplaced word, one drunken tweet

A joke where no-one laughed

We can’t avoid the risk of the fall

When we can’t escape the past


Every step we take is like

Walking along a tightrope

Such is the life we live

Under the microscope


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