“Just Trying To Help”

Would you run into a burning building

Bucket of water in hand

And when reprimanded by the fire brigade

Argue “I was just trying to help”


Would you waltz into an operating theatre

Start cutting open a patient

And when on the dock in court

Argue “I was just trying to help”


Would you enter the field of play

When watching your favourite football team

On the verge of a crushing defeat

And try to score

And while being escorted from the ground

Argue “I was just trying to help”


Yet why do so many offer advice

To those suffering from depression

Advice like “You just need to think positively”

“Just smile and everything will be fine”

“Life’s too short to be miserable”

With just a cursoryย thought as to the value

Because the last thing these statements will ever do

Is help


  1. Yes, yes and yes! I hate being told these things, especially from people who really matter to me. And this is why depression can be so secretive, because it’s not understood how we can’t just “cheer up”, so many people equate being sad to having depression… and sadly some people will never understand no matter what.
    Take care x

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  2. YES! I resonate so much with this. Sometimes, advice isn’t what’s needed. Sometimes it’s enough to just be there. You don’t always have to try and fix stuff. Fabulous piece, brilliant writing.

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