What Do You Expect?

Why do you act so surprised

By the media and their lies?

When you preach every day

“Don’t believe a word they say”

Do you still find it unexpected

For the truth to be neglected?

It’s not surprising for the papers

To label their enemies as traitors

They print what their customers want to read

Not the facts or information that they truly need

It’s all entirely for their own benefit

Remember: the ‘truth’ always belongs to the ones who invent it



  1. “Not the facts or information that they truly need.”
    So do you truly agree with Trump that people shouldn’t believe what they read in newspapers or hear from the MSM and should believe only what they hear from him? Or were you being sarcastic?


    1. The media lies on both sides, or at best reports only what is in their best interests to. I have never suggested nor even in the slightest way implied that Trump should be seen as a fountain of knowledge. In fact I have, on so many occasions, been very vocal in my view he’s a fucking moron with no grip on reality. But that doesn’t change the fact that the majority of the media will often fail to report, whether accurately or at all, information that could be damaging to them or those they support.

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