Defender Of My Enemy

I will stand up for my enemy

I will stand up to my friends

It is only on justice

That my allegiance depends


Whether I share your beliefs

Or even like you at all

Makes no difference

To whether I’ll watch you fall


I may not agree

With your actions or words

But it pains me to witness

The abuse you receive

But do not deserve


I want people to hate you

For reasons just and fair

Not blaming you for problems

That aren’t even there


Or that were caused by others

And you’re just picking up the pieces

But the ignorance of people

Never ceases


Now please don’t go thinking

That I’m on your side

I am not your hero

I’ll not prevent your demise

Just because I defend you

Doesn’t mean that we’re allied

And I’ll be back fighting against you

Once this one battle subsides



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