Love, Life & Loss

An Impossible Apology

I asked them,

“For what sins must I atone?”

In unison they shook their heads

As though I should have known.


“I don’t know what I did,” I say

“Nor the words

That pushed you all away.

And if you do not tell me,

I cannot apologise;

Fix the cracks between us,

Find a way to make things right.”


But apologise you must!” they cried.

“For what?” I asked once more.

Yet still they would not tell me

What I needed forgiveness for.


One final time I pleaded,

“Tell me, what was my sin?

Or no apology I offer

Could be truly genuine.”


Resolute, they held their silence;

No answer to my pleas.

“So be it,” I calmly stated,

And took my leave.


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