Blind Obedience

Calm one minute

An inferno the next

Swayed by a misquote

With no clue of the context


It doesn’t take much

For the masses to turn

When they’re so out of touch

And unwilling to learn


No checking the facts

No searching for truth

They blindly attack

Without waiting for proof


Each way that we look

It’s shoved in our face

Some call it ‘news’

But all they’re spreading is hate


They don’t give us a chance

To think for ourselves

Put us into a trance

So we cannot rebel


And the masses will claim

(whichever side they believe)

That they’re wise to the game

And they’ve not been deceived


But they’ll keep on playing

The way they’ve been told

Forever obeying

With no self-control


They can’t understand

That they’ve been conned

Following every command

With blind obedience


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