Gotta Dash

Why the urgency?

What’s the emergency?

What’s so important

That that it really cannot wait?

That you can’t run the risk

Of being thirty seconds late?


You choose to speed instead

Can’t stop so run a red

Drive the wrong way up a one-way road

Because your need to be on time

Outweighs any crime

And the value of the lives you disregard


All that matters here is you

And whatever it is you need to do

All the other drivers should make way

And the children on the crossing

The ambulance you’re blocking

Aren’t as important as the things you’ve planned today


It’s okay to cause a crash

‘Cus, hey, you gotta dash

You’re in a rush and that is all that matters

You’ll drive up on the pavement

If it saves you twenty seconds

Swearing at the pedestrians

As they scatter


Oh wait

My mistake

Who cares if you’re thirty seconds late?

If you put lives at risk

So one appointment isn’t missed

Quite frankly, go fuck yourself


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