Dear Trump, F*** Off

Do you really not realise that this is all of your own making?

Brought about by the stance that you insist on taking

Do you honestly fail to see that you’re to blame for all the harm?

That every word you utter is another call to arms


Rabid followers who know no better

Seem to think that you’re the fucking Messiah

And every claim you make is the Biblical truth

Ignoring the stone cold absence of proof


You want to find the people responsible

For the violence and the bloodshed

And the spreading of hate?

Then take a look in the mirror

Because this is a mess that only you could create


You call on the media “to stop the endless hostility”

Yet all punches thrown come from your corner of the ring

You want an end to the “constant…false attacks and stories”

Yet all you do is lie and cheat on each and everything

You tell the fucking nation that the media are the “enemies”

Yet deny responsibility for the violence that it brings


If you really want justice for the crimes we’ve seen committed

Call time, resign, stop getting the facts all twisted

Or at least admit that the buck must stop with you

Even if it’s the only honest thing you’ll ever do



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