You Know It’s True

Start with an element of truth

An established fact they won’t dispute

Provide some visual evidence

For the doubters in the audience

Speak with little bit of confidence

And you can convince

Anyone who listens

Make them believe

Any lie you can conceive


That is what’s being done to you

You know it’s true

By politicians

And media corporations

Fighting for control over the population

They hook you with soundbites

With just enough truth you think “that sounds right”

But it’s all bullshit

They’re just masking the scent

They only need to convince one sense

To make you ignore all the other evidence


You know you’re being conned

Yet you still play along

Because you’re too fucking arrogant

To admit to being ignorant

So when you look at the state of the world today

And want somebody to blame

My finger will be pointing at you

You know it’s true


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