Waiting For A Train

Standing on the platform

Waiting for a train

To take me far away from

The endless pain


There’s people all around me

Yet here I stand alone

Ready for my final journey

From which I’m never coming home


A note sits by my bedside

Waiting to be read

Everything I tried to hide

All the things I never said


Answers to the questions

I know would soon be asked

The reasons for my actions

The real me – unmasked


I hear the train approaching

I step towards the edge

But there’s fear inside me growing

It divides me like a wedge


Is it time for me to leave?

Is there really nothing here for me?

Or have I been naive?

Is there something I failed to see?


Is this how I’ll be remembered;

For what I do today?

The child that surrendered

The boy who ran away


I feel the tears forming

Building up behind my eyes

And countless emotions swarming

As I begin to realise


I am not ready to just give in

I am not ready to say goodbye

I will not let my demons win

Today is not the day I die


Featured in my published collection, Day By Day

A little over three years since my darkest hour, but it will stay with me forever; serving as a reminder of where I was, how far I have come and how close I came to no longer being. Never give up, no matter how dark it gets – the light will always return, I promise.


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