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A Nation Divided

It scares me to see this nation so divided

At a time when we need to be united

Once tiny cracks have grown to gaping chasms

With people burning bridges and splitting into factions

I fear the damage may never be undone

I’m terrified, for the worst is still to come

Not because of what lies over the horizon

But because we stand no chance of survival if we do not mend this division

For when a nation’s people are working all together

There’s no storm in hell they cannot weather

And in these uncertain times it’s strength we seek

But split the way we are just leaves us weak

People fighting battles no one waged

Living in a state of constant rage

We should be trying to do what’s best for all

But tribalism instead has taken hold

When we should all be looking out for one another

I see people abandoning their own brothers

Every difference now that people find

Is just another reason for them to fight

We must leave this mentality in the past

If we as a nation are to last


1 thought on “A Nation Divided”

  1. yes, the gloves are openly off. i think we’ve been divided for a long time but now it’s out in the open. now that it’s out in the open what are we going to do about it? i think you bring all of these questions up in your poem. we are weak as a divided nation and it’s a sad thing to see it

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