Depression & Mental Health

Appearances Are Deceptive

“You don’t seem depressed…”

I still hear that

From more than a few people

I ask them “Why?

Because you’ve never seen me cry?

Because there’s no scars on my wrists?

I’m not the way the movies depict?

I don’t walk around with a doleful look,

Like I’m permanently down on my luck?”

And all they can do is shrug their shoulders

Mutter an apology of sorts

But they never take on board

The point behind my words



6 thoughts on “Appearances Are Deceptive”

  1. Pain is a dirty word in modern society. Pain is not allowed. At the first sign of it, take a pill. People don’t know how to handle pain without pills. If they don’t acknowledge you’re hurting, they don’t have to be at a loss for words. I’m sorry you’re hurting.


    1. To be fair, I do take pills. My depression comes somewhat from a chemical imbalance, which the pills address.
      My poem is about the unwillingness of people to learn about mental health, not just their initial assumptions.

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