Winter’s My Time Of Year

Some might call me barmy

But I don’t like it balmy

I’d much sooner be too cold than warm

I was born in the winter

When the weather’s icy bitter

And there’s barely any calm between each storm


Walking in the snow

Is tiring and slow

But even the shortest distance feels like an adventure

And when returning home

However far you roamed

That warming cup of tea is one to treasure


The crispness of the air

Is far beyond compare

The biting wind that cuts you like a knife

I love to feel that shiver

As all around me withers

There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive


I was born into that climate

That must be why I like it

Give me snow and ice ahead of sun

I dread the end of spring

And the weather that it brings

As soon as summer comes I want it gone


You really are a fool

If you think you’ll find me by the pool

Or lounging on some beach beside the sea

Keep your summer holidays

And time spent ‘soaking up the rays’

In a snow-capped wilderness is where I’ll be


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