We’re Screwed

What could possibly be more stimulating

Than watching your country disintegrating

Wondering what course of action is best

And whether the outcome be worth all this distress

Friends fighting friends; backstabbing the new norm

No-one accepting that they’d been misinformed


And whilst people from all sides claim they have the answers

Rather than fix this they hinder and hamper

A government in turmoil, on the brink of collapse

Whichever way that it falls, we’re all in the crap

And if the opposition must step up to the plate

You’re a fool if you think they can set all this straight


The time it has taken just to get to this stage

With what little remains it’s too late for a change

But if we continue on the path we have chose

Our country’ll be carrion, pecked at by crows

“Should we still leave?” people still argue

I just think we’re fucked if we don’t

And we’re fucked if we do



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