Cheers For The Beers

I should be thankful

For the time you were my friend

Our conversations helped a lot

As did the beers we shared


But knowing now the different you

That others knew

I have to wonder did you try to use me?

Was I just a pawn to you?

A tool you could manipulate

For you own benefit?


And the lies I saw you spin

So natural to you

Was anything you told me true?

Or was it all concocted too?


There’s no way for me to trust you

That bridge can never be rebuilt

If we speak again I shan’t be rude

But understand my lack of gratitude

For the time and the talks –

Is entirely of your own making

So for once, accept you were at fault


But at least I can say

Cheers for the beers

It was nice not having to pay



    1. It’s more frustration at realising a good friend was in fact a lying, manipulative bastard. But he did spot me a few beers over the course of our friendship 🙂


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