Mouth/Brain Disconnect

My mouth is often premature

My words are somewhat immature

It’s clear that I don’t think before I speak

I have no discernible filter

It’s not uncommon that I bewilder

But it’s just one thing that helps make me unique


I’d have it no other way

I like not knowing what I will say

And being surprised as much as all the rest

It keeps me on my toes

When what comes next even I don’t know

Even if the words are not always the best


So I might not make much sense

People might take some offence

Or I might need to give some clarification

And I am happy to explain

If anyone complains

About an aspect of my verbal communication


I openly accept

My mouth/brain disconnect

It’s not a thing that I’ll try to deny

And I will apologise

If in anybody’s eyes

Anything I say is out of line


But don’t complain behind my back

Or falsify the facts

And publicise your bullshit accusations

Because no matter what I said

At least I didn’t choose to spread

Blatant lies and malicious misinformation



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