A plea for proofreaders

G’day all.

I’ve previously mentioned the plans for my second published collection of writings. Every poem from 2018 will be in there, in the order I wrote them. Obviously the writing is finished, and I believe the formatting is correct as well.

Sadly though, I can’t include artwork created by my friend. Even without images included the printing costs per book, in colour, would be over $30, which is far more than I could ever hope to charge anybody. Whether in their right mind or not.

As such the publication will be in black & white and with no illustrations. This is very disappointing, not least because her artistic abilities far exceed my writing skills. Seriously, her art is almost as breathtaking as her voice.

What I need now is proofreaders. I’ve ran spelling and grammar checks and done my best to correct anything that needed correcting. But so often we miss the mistakes we ourselves have made. So if anybody can do any proofreading for me it would be so, so helpful. And massively appreciated.

I can’t promise any tangible thank you for your assistance, as I currently have about £8.31 and a button to my name, but will include you in the acknowledgements and at least try to promote your blog where and when I can.

If you would like to help, drop me a message on the contact page and let me know how much you can proof for me (out of 350 – 400 poems… I haven’t actually counted, I probably should). English doesn’t need to be your first language, but you will need to have a relatively firm grasp. Don’t worry about grammar, it’s just typos that I need to filter out.

Thank you in advance. Even just for reading this.


    1. Yay! Thank you. Drop me a message using the contact page and let me know how many you can proof for me 🙂 I can then just email a PDF over.


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