No Time To Lose

You gave that man power

He’s too weak to control

He’s let in consume him

And take over his soul


It’s poisoned his mind

Corrupted his heart

No, wait…

He was like that from the start


He’s selfish and arrogant

Totally repugnant

He’s a sexist, a racist

A blatant white supremacist


He doesn’t give a shit about the poor

Cares only for the rich

And expects you to all ignore

Every aspect of his privilege


And when he doesn’t get his way

Or people don’t like the way he plays

All he ever does is sulk

And claim it’s someone else’s fault


It’s time for him to grow up

And his followers to wake up

Your entire country needs a shake-up

You have to sort this out and shape up


America, if you’re listening

Please hurry up and fix this

Or this will just be the beginning

Of an endless global crisis


A dictator in the White House

(and a braindead one to boot)

The whole world’s fucked if you can’t get him out

There is no more time to lose

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