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Music Today

Everything’s so scientific

Songs written using algorithms

Tried-and-tested formulae

No passion or emotion

Just perfect engineering

To reach the biggest audience

Instead of evoking feelings

So all we hear on the radio

Is the same song

Just written a different way

A constant barrage of empty words

And hollow lines



8 thoughts on “Music Today”

  1. I totally agree with this. I cannot connect with music these days and I constantly find myself reliving the music of my youth.


      1. Have they brought out something new? I haven’t heard about them since my childhood. I may have went to one of their concerts where McFly were supporting. :p

        Have you seen Bo Burham’s show ‘What’? His penultimate song is about what you were writing about.


        1. They apparently released an album in 2016, and are releasing a fourth this year I believe. I haven’t listened to any of it, but they’re apparently going for the sound they want (more pop-punk than just the cliche ridden, fangirl generating garbage from a decade or so ago). It was an interesting read actually.

          I haven’t seen that, no. I will search it out and have a look (if I remember).


  2. Great post! I agree. Not to mention, the radio overplays the same song in the span of an hour…most of the reason why I don’t listen to much on the radio anymore. I wish music with positive messages were more popularized…

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      The only time I listen to the radio is for sport or when my brother puts Classical FM on in the car. I have my preferred bands I listen to and buy the music of, and rely on friends or Youtube for recommendations. Haven’t listened to music radio (bar the station mentioned above) for a few years, and it’s definitely been a good thing.

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