Buy my book, yo!

day by day (cropped)

With my inspiration currently far from its zenith, I should probably be more proactive in getting people to buy my book. So here goes…

Please buy my book. Pretty please, with all the cherries in the world on top. 🙂

I’m not looking for it to become a bestseller. I know it won’t. I’ll never be likened to any of the so-called greats. My poems won’t be studied in schools or inspire any Top 10 hits. But reading them could, I’m sure, help fill a few otherwise empty moments through the year. Failing that, the paperback version might be useful if you’ve got a wonky table.

And I promise if you do buy it, you will not be (too drastically) disappointed.


Click on the image to go straight to Amazon, or click here for more details.

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