I don’t know how you do it

Keep turning out such varied verse

While everything I write

I’ve wrote countless times before

And try as I might

I can’t come up with something new

I can’t help but feel inferior

When your posts come into view

How do you do it?

Find such unique perspectives

A tack that no-one else has took

With a second, third or even sixteenth look?

The abstract is an art

I know I can master

If I knew only were to start

Is this something you can teach?

Is parity with you within my reach?

Or will you forever be the maestro

The one that I look up to

The one that I aspire to be

Sensei, will you teach me?



  1. Hey,

    I’m working on my debut poetry book and preparing a mailing list. Would you like me to add your e-mail address please?

    If so, can you share it with me?

    I don’t plan to do it like hard core promotion, I will be e-mailing you privately not through any software.

    I will just inform you when it’s available and when there is some huge fluctuation in price (sale etc.), as on WordPress reader, posts get lost in stampede.

    I won’t be mailing you more than 4 to 5 times a year, and that’s max. Promise!

    And if you want it to share it privately you can do that through contact form on my blog.

    Thank you 🙂


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