Self Harm

Self harm

Isn’t just slit wrists

Cuts on your arms

Putting out cigarettes

On your thighs


Self harm

Is ignoring the storm

Never seeking calm

Letting the weight inside

Pull you down

It’s papering the cracks

Ignoring the fact

That you’ve fallen down

And you lack the strength

To get back up

On your own


Self harm

Is letting yourself drown

When you’ve friends all around

Who will lift you up

If only you’d ask

We all self harm

We just don’t see it

Too often until

It’s too late


Featured in my book* Day By Day – available now, exclusively on Amazon
*edited slightly to fit in the Word of the Day


    1. The most important thing is to acknowledge it before it’s too late. And then help those who aren’t yet aware of the harm they are doing to themselves.


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