This poem needs a title!

I’ve spent at least 20 minutes wondering what to call this poem. Any suggestions?


I love and hate in equal measure

I relish a challenge but I can’t stand the pressure

I’ve come to despise the very nature of society

But I’d sacrifice myself in a heartbeat for humanity

I second guess my every action but never think before I start speaking

I never try to swim until I’ve already started sinking

I long for adventure with its freedom and uncertainty

But I can’t bring myself to leave the safety of the walls I built around me

Nothing scares me more than the thought of being alone

But I’ve always pushed away every friend I’ve ever known

There’s an emptiness inside me made from everything I hate

I need a place to put it but I just can’t find the space

I don’t know exactly what the question is I’m asking

But if you know the answer will you tell me



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