Promotion time!

Gotta keep plugging my book. Sorry peeps.

This is what it looks like:
day by day (cropped)

Click >>here<< for a list of where you can buy it.

Basically, it’s every poem I wrote through 2018, in order. Not a ‘poem-a-day’ exercise, but not far off. From politics to passion, heartache to hangovers, friendship to family, music to meat-eating, my writing covers a wide range of topics. The paperback can also be used to support a wonky table, wedge a door open or start a small fire.

Check the “Day By Day” tagย for a selection of poems included in this collection/anthology/whatever you want to call it. There are many more included in the book though. Apparently some are actually quite good… (I haven’t read them myself yet).

I guess that’s all. Ciao!



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