Help Me Escape, plz

I might claim I write for my own enjoyment

When in truth it’s a futile attempt

To escape from mainstream employment

Find a way out of this modern enslavement

Pursue a career in written entertainment


But my writing just isn’t flamboyant enough

The subject matter’s not buoyant enough

The point I convey isn’t poignant enough

My doctor said I don’t go to the toilet enough…


I lost my train of thought there, for a moment

Disregard, perhaps, that final statement

I was on a roll with the rhyming

And got carried away with the excitement

Though re-reading that line

The rhyme quite a disappointment

I need to find a better word

But can’t think of a suitable replacement…


I’ve wasted time now so I guess I must hasten

To bring this post to a worthwhile conclusion

Maybe I’ll try some product placement?

Like a link to my published poetry collection

I have to say it’s my greatest achievement

And it could be yours to keep…

In exchange for payment,



I’m not really expecting to make enough money from my half-arsed writing to be able to leave behind my job as an accountant, but just in case you wanted to help me achieve this impossible dream:

Buy my book, Day By Day

Please? 🐱‍🐉 (dinocat emoji, but for some reason it becomes just a cat and a dragon🤷‍♂️)

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