The Fallen

It was his penance

They said

Punishment for the sins he had committed

In a past life

He had been judged upon death

By the Gods themselves

His foul deeds

Deemed so despicable

To be punished just once

Could never be enough

His soul, instead,

They said,

Was ripped in two

One half tossed mercilessly

Down into the fiery depths of Hell

The other

Sent back to the mortal world

Imprisoned within a cage of flesh

So pitiful, so grotesque

Destined to suffer an eternity

Of shame, mockery, ridicule

And regret


But they did not know

He had never been of this place

But was fallen

Abandoned by his race

And that vengeance, at all costs,

Would be his


I may or may not have had an idea for another story, which this may or may not be something of a prelude to. Too many ideas swimming around in my head right now to be sure, but I’ve written a couple of other poems that would also fit into this nicely. Hopefully it won’t get in the way of Whispers though.


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