The Tide

“Come on,” she said, frantically packing sand-strewn belongings into the bag. “The tide is coming in.”

No,” I replied without emotion, staring at the white crests zigzagging delightfully across the ocean’s surface. “I fear that the land may, in fact, be sinking.”

Written in response to a triple word prompt I saw on earlier today on Twitter (can’t remember what it was called). The words were zigzag, delightful and ocean. I wasn’t going to write anything, but then this scene popped into my head.


Also, I now have a Reviews page, where you can read 100% real reviews of my poetry and/or writing, and add your own, too! Exciting times, am I right?


And I wrote a boring haiku, for which I express no penitence (I hope I’ve used that word correctly):

Someone asked my name
And so I answered them thus:
“Hi, my name is Matt.”


What a day today has been!

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