The Crimson Queen – VSS

The Crimson Queen - Jealousy (1)

“I was aware that she was using me, right from the start. I hated that feeling, knowing I was nothing but a pawn to her. But she was my Queen and I would have done anything for her. I would have laid down my life in an instant had she asked me to. But sadly she never did. I far too useful to her in the limbo she had placed me in.

So I stood in the shadows, watching the window, waiting. Waiting to see his silhouette. To see her embrace him. To see his lips touch with hers. She had set the trap; my jealousy would soon take care of the rest.”


A little update:

Annoyingly, this story idea has all but forced Whispers from my brain. I’ll try and get Whispers completed though, before letting this new one run its course. Chances are the working title will be The Crimson Queen and it will be pretty messy. Expect character hopping, POV jumps and a mix of poetry and prose. I will likely only publish the poems or snippets such as this one, keeping the story itself secret so I don’t feel under any pressure to keep it up.


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