A bit of something or nothing

“I bet you haven’t seen one of these before.”

Vic blinked, a disinterested look on his face. “A gun? Yes, I’ve seen a gun.”

“Well I bet you’ve never fired one,” the thug sneered.

“Never needed to,” Vic replied flatly, giving his nose a scratch. He let out a yawn, clearly not at all bothered by the gun held inches from his eyes.

“And I bet y-”

“Stop saying ‘I bet,'” Vic snapped. “It’s tiresome. At least mix it up a bit.”

The thug was somewhat taken aback. “Huh?”

“Instead of saying ‘I bet,’ try ‘I’d hazard a guess’ or ‘I’ll wager.'”

“What the f-”

“For example, ‘I’ll wager you don’t know how to use that thing.'”

“Yeah I do,” the thug snapped back angrily. “And I will if you don’t shut up!”

“Really?” Vic cocked his head to the side, looking towards the trigger. “But the safety’s on.”

The thug glanced distractedly at the safety. “Wha-?”

Thud! A powerful right hook to the temple laid the thug out cold. “Is it just me,” Vic mused, “or are the thugs round here getting more stupid?”


Small excerpt from a WIP I might try to resurrect.

Posted in response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: wager

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