Untitled short story

I had dreamed of this moment for so long. The person I had spent most of my adult life fawning over, the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She lay naked before me, real, in the flesh. No longer would I have to rely on my imagination, and those stolen glimpses through half-closed curtains. She had a blindfold over a eyes and a collar round her neck. I had known she was into some less than vanilla bedroom antics, though I never truly imagined I’d see it for myself. But there she was, her body just waiting to be touched, examined, explored…

“Well,” the voice sounded so distant, “shall we get started?”

“Err, sure,” I swallowed nervously, taking a measured step closer. Stay calm, I urged myself. Focus.

“Okay, pass me the scalpel, Hendricks.”

I took the scalpel from the tray, reaching over the cadaver and handing it to my colleague. I had to hold back a tear, fight the urge to vomit, as she pressed the blade down between those perfect breasts, cutting into her flawless skin.

“Such a waste,” she sighed as she sliced. “Another young life ripped away. A pretty one, too.”

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