I can’t think of titles anymore

My inspiration

And desire to write

Work a nine ’til five

Five day week

Filling my head

With the finest verse

Whilst I’m stuck at my day job

And trying to work

But when I get back home

And I’m ready to write

My inspiration

Has gone on vacation

Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: vacation


6 thoughts on “I can’t think of titles anymore”

    1. I try to. I do most of my writing at work as it is. But even if I have the idea written, once I’m ready to sit down and write in my own time I can’t string a sentence together.

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      1. Well, you’ve proven you have it in you, so the pressure is off in that regard. So often what inspires me is to get out and do something different because then new experiences to write about happen. Hoping you’re not working 80 hours a week or something? That will crush your muse.


        1. 40-45 hours a week. Getting out and experiencing new things has been tricky for a while due to finances. Once things pick up, hopefully I can join my inspiration when it goes on vacation.

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          1. Lots of things to do are free. Take a walk in the woods if you live near some, or just down the street. Hoping you meet up with your inspiration soon.


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