State of Anarchy

It’s three years since the Uprising; a global revolution that triggered the total collapse of governments and monarchies worldwide, plunging the world into an anarchistic darkness. Very few serving leaders survived. The rich were dragged from their homes and stripped of all they owned, including the clothes on their back. Armies defied their leaders, refusing to stand in the way of the masses. The entire structure of society crumbled, even its very foundations breaking apart.

An elderly lady rummages around an old landfill site with her frail husband, in search of food & fuel. “Look at me, Philip,” she seethes. “I was adored by not only the nation, but the entire world. And look at me now, scrounging for scraps amidst dirt and detritus. Me! The #Queen of fucking England!”


Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: adoration
And the daily #vss365 prompt on Twitter: #queen

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