The Creative Process

I picture

The creative process

In many ways



It is akin

To sitting in a cave



For some weary traveler

To shamble in

Take shelter by my fire

Sate their hunger

And tell me a tale

Or two



It is more like

A gallery

Its walls covered

In abstract art

I struggle to understand

Or give my own meaning to



It is a crowded room

Constant chatter

Full of young ideas –

Fresh-faced and eager to play

So full of the initial excitement –

And the older ones –

Weary and wrinkled

Resigned to the fact

They may never be used


Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompts: initial, hungerwaddlewrinkle & gallery


Please excuse my lack of activity over the past week. Illness, my brother’s wedding and then further illness made writing and such difficult.

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