excerpt from my current WIP

“There’s nothing radical about my proposal.”

Roulette sneered, loading a single round into his trusted revolver. “Forgive me, friend,” he scoffed,” but that’s precisely what is so suspect.”

Danny was a little taken aback. “You’re suspicious because of its simplicity?”

“Of course,” Roulette nodded. “Nothing so simple should ever be taken at face value. Either it has not been thought through, or it’s a trap.”

“What reason have I ever given you to distrust me? Hm?” Being cuffed and tightly bound to the chair didn’t seem to do much to dampen Danny’s spirit. “How many times have I deceived or betrayed you? Zero!”

“Except,” countered Roulette, giving the chamber a spin, “for all the times you have tried to kill me.”

Danny grinned. “But I’ve always been honest in my efforts, have I not?”


excerpt from my current W.I.P, edited slightly to fit the prompts

Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompts: radical, suspect, proposal & zero

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