A (pre)Birthday Plea

It’s my birthday next week!

A week today, in fact.

Next Thursday.

January 16th.

I don’t really know how else to say it.

erm… Seven days hence?πŸ€”

Anyway, the point is… well, that is the point. My birthday being next week. My 30th😬

I know, I know. I don’t look it. Clean shaven, I look maybe half that. Yet most mornings I feel double it. But again, I digress.

I don’t really do birthdays. Never got to properly celebrate them as a kid because January was the time of year my parents were busiest with work. And it was my birthday a few years ago when I got completely screwed over by the only friends I had at the time. So I always feel abandoned (for want of a better word) on my birthday. My anxiety goes through the roof, my depression hits harder than any other time of year and I long for the day to be struck from the calendar.

Now I want a reason to enjoy my birthday, to look forward to eat instead of dreading it. I’m not asking for much. At least I think I’m not. But I would massively appreciate it if people could purchase, or read on KU, any of my published collections. And leave a review on Amazon. It really would mean so much to me.

And once I’ve got through my current TBR list, I’ll be looking up more fellow poets/writers to read & review their published works.



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