This poem actually started out as an anti-Valentines piece, before becoming what it is now.

MS Poetry

Roses ain’t red

And violets ain’t blue

Who says they are

Ain’t got a clue

Some may be black

While others are white

And those which are pink

Are no less right

And they’re so much more

Than colours and shades

They’ve a scent and shape

That never fades

Their colour should never

Define or dictate

It’s no reason to love

Nor reason to hate

Imagine how boring

Our gardens would be

If all roses were red

Like people say they should be

So quit fucking hating

For colour or race

It’s our differences

We need to embrace

Division is all

The bastards want

So lets just play nice

And stop being cunts

TLDR: fuck racism, fuck sexism, fuck homophobia, just fuck discrimination

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