When the Puppets Become the Masters

For far too long
They’ve pulled our strings
They’ve weighed us down
And clipped our wings

They write the script
And we recite
We only act
As they incite

Every thought
And every action
Is subject to their

They tell us to dance
So we dance
They tell us to sing
So we sing until
Our lungs give in

They tell us to cry
So we cry
They tell us to laugh
So we laugh
As those around us die

This has to stop
It all must end
We will not do
As they command

We won’t recite
The words they write
They won’t incite
We’ll make it right

We’ll sever the strings
And spread our wings
And live again
As human beings

Put down the script
We will never be actors
The time has come
For the puppets
To become the masters

Somewhat inspired by my composition, ‘When Puppets Betray the Master’


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