The Sickness

Got bored. Made a simple video for one of my compositions, ‘The Sickness,’ incorporating a piece of prose and accompanying micro poem I penned earlier in the week called ‘The End.’

It’s shit, the typewriter effect is way faster than it should be, and I’m too lazy to get everything as in sync as I’d like it. But for an hour’s work over my lunch break, you can’t expect a masterpiece.

The End

They thought that humankind could be saved by eradicating the virus. But it is not we who are plagued. It is we that are the plague. And the only way to save the world is through the eradication of ourselves. Humankind’s extinction will be the Earth’s salvation.

This is the end
Of you
Of me
Of them
Of us

This is the end
And finally
The world will be free
Of our curse

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