Ramblings: Just get the damn vaccine

If you are fortunate enough to be able to choose whether or not to receive the vaccine for a potentially fatal disease, what possible reason could you have for declining it? Aside from genuine medical/health concerns, I cannot think of a single one. And by health concerns I mean people who are actually unable to receive the vaccine, not those who are worried about the exceptionally rare side effects.

“Vaccines go against my religion.”
Fuck off. I have nothing against religion in general, but if it teaches you to risk the lives of others just to keep yourself ‘clean’ or ‘pure,’ that is not a religion anybody with a conscience should be following. I would even argue that using your faith as justification for endangering others is no different to the extremists who kill in the name of their religion.

“Vaccines are tested on animals, and I’m a vegan.”
Again, fuck off. Both the Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society issued statements making it clear that it is totally okay to get vaccinated, despite the fact that animal testing is currently required by UK law on all new drugs/treatments. Also, I’m pretty sure wilfully putting the lives of others at risk is just as unethical as, if not more so, testing potentially life-saving vaccines on animals.

“It goes against my civil liberties and freedoms.”
Like actual fuck it does. If it isn’t forced upon you, then your liberties and freedoms are untouched. But you know what does impact on those of others, especially the people who can’t get vaccinated? Not being able to go out and enjoy life because of the selfish twats who choose not to get the fucking vaccine.

“I’m healthy. I don’t need the vaccine.”
Everyone is healthy before they get ill. Anybody can catch a cold, just like anybody can catch Covid. And even if you aren’t badly affected, you can still transmit it to those who are more at risk. The vaccine is as much about protecting others as it is about protecting you.

Any microchip, autism or other conspiracy theories
If you believe any of that nonsense, you’re an idiot.

To sum up, if you can have the vaccine, then you should. Choosing not to is selfish and stupid.

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    1. I struggle to understand why anyone of sound mind would be against getting vaccinated. Or ‘vaccine passports’ for entry to nightclubs, which they will bring in here in September. You already need ID to get in, so what difference will it make?

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