Six months sober

I kinda want to give you the clichéd crap where I say it’s been a long hard road, or I would only have made it this far with the support of my friends and family. But that wouldn’t be true.

In all honesty, the hardest part of it has been dealing with the constant “Are you still doing the not-drinking thing?” Because it’s not just some phase. It’s not a challenge. It’s something I have to do for my own mental health.

And it’s been, by far, one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. Even at non-league football games where there’s still very much a drinking culture.

Christmas could pose a challenge, with family members getting merry on red wine, G&T’s, cask ales and the like. And there’s a fucking delicious hazelnut liqueur in the cabinet that no-one else will touch…

But no. I’ve made it six months. I didn’t come this far to have to start all over again. I’ll keep enjoying my 0% beers and hangover-free weekends.

Matt out.

Just One More: the poem I wrote after making the decision to quit drinking.

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