Yo, hi, hello. I'm just your standard sarcastic, cynical, satirical guy who doesn't care much for acting in an 'age appropriate' manner, whatever that means. I write poetry and short stories. Not much else to say, really. Ciao!

I’m feeling jittery Becoming rather fidgety Feet are getting twitchy My brain is kinda itchy Need to scratch it Or detach it I don’t care Just make it stop   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: jittery Not sure if these jitters are caused by too much caffeine, or not enough.

For years I stumbled Through the darkness Of the abyss Pursued by monsters And demons I never saw them I only heard them Sometimes I prayed that they only figments Of my own imagination Other times I prayed that they were real And often I’d wonder Did they ever ask the same of me?   […]

We strive to validate And justify For fear our worth Is just a lie   Always careful Ever watchful Of the value We assume Ourselves to hold   But knockoffs Are never worth As much As the real deal   So be you Only you Genuine Authentic Original The real deal   Response to the Word […]

One day at the Carnival I peeked inside the Fortune Teller’s stall She sat head bowed Dressed in rags Hands resting on her crystal ball   Her whispered voice Cut through the haze And background noise   “Every future is known to me, Love, death, your destiny. For just one dollar you too can see What […]

A frisson of excitement Frees me If only for a moment From the prison I too often Find myself inside Barely able to function Forced to suffer The pains of yesterday How did I ever get this way? No longer living I survive Having lost all zest for life A citizen of Darkness Since I was […]

I picture The creative process In many ways   Sometimes It is akin To sitting in a cave Alone Waiting For some weary traveler To shamble in Take shelter by my fire Sate their hunger And tell me a tale Or two   Sometimes It is more like A gallery Its walls covered In abstract […]

The oldest habits always die the hardest And roads we walk to break them Take us the farthest Away from our comfort zones The places where our minds feel most at home But the more drastic the change The closer it takes us To where we truly want to be   Response to the Word […]

You fought so hard To realise A dream that was never your own And now You jeopardise The closest thing to power That you have ever known   Tell us How are we to trust That you will do the best for us When you so clearly fail To know what is best for yourself […]

Knowledge As many say Is power And I would tend To concur But not in this age Of social media And the resurgence Of mob mentality For the knowledge of the few Simply cannot placate The ignorant many Once they get worked Into a frenzy   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompts: […]