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It seems To have been All a big misunderstanding The WHO - We now know - Said "Suppress, suppress, suppress!" But the government misheard Thought the order was "Oppress, oppress, oppress!"   Regarding the appalling use of Federal Police against peaceful protesters by President Donald. J. Trump, Criminal-in-Chief


Still alive

Still breathing. Just doing little else. Working from home (with the odd day in the office every 2-3 weeks). No words though. My creativity is struggling. I need normality in which I can find inspiration for shitty poems. But I'm still breathing. So there's that.  



In case anybody was wondering, I am still here. I'm just sitting very still, and very quietly. I am one of those having to work harder and faster due to the Covid-19 pandemic, because as an accountant I'm responsible for making sure clients are advised correctly on the many financial and economic measures being brought… Continue reading Update