Yo, hi, hello. I'm just your standard sarcastic, cynical, satirical guy who doesn't care much for acting in an 'age appropriate' manner, whatever that means. I write poetry and short stories. Not much else to say, really. Ciao!

We approach the checkpoint. The rain hasn’t let up all day and the road is more akin to a river. Muddy brown water flows over the tops of our shoes as it gurgles down hill. We’re trying hard to hold our hoods in place, but the icy wind snaps at our fingers, freezing them down […]

They asked me what power I wanted Flight, invisibility, telekinesis… But I turned them all down   “I’m human,” I answered, “I already have The greatest power of all; The ability to influence The emotions of others.”   We all have that power So use it fucking carefully   Response to the Word of the […]

“There’s a hierarchy, kid,” I remember my dad telling me as he cleaned the blood from my face. “You’re the new blood.” I didn’t understand what he meant. “What’s one of them?” “Hierarchy?” he asked. I nodded. “It’s the position each person holds; who’s in charge and who keeps their head down.” “Sounds stupid, dad.” […]

I know I’ll never kill you My greatest enemy For the end of you Would mean the end of me So all I can do Is keep on beating you down However much my fists may bleed With those on my corner Making sure I never quit This endless fight Putting you on the ground […]

Do you ever wish we’d never met? Or maybe in the future But not yet? Was the timing just not right For this to work without a fight Or were we destined from the start To end in tears?   Maybe this is how we’re meant to be A constant battle with the doubt Do […]

People think wellbeing Is about being well But it’s not I mean, look at me I’m not well I haven’t been for a long time I maybe never will But I’m in a good place Compared to where I’ve been I’ve found comfort and contentment To me that’s good wellbeing Even if it isn’t being […]

I need to knit me a sweater From the strands Of my tattered heart – So weathered and worn – To keep me warm On these dark nights spent Without you The world is so cold Since you left   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: knit

“Dreamwalker, this note is your next bit of data. Please contact the agency at your convenience. No further information until next transmission. This is broadcast #8277. Do not delete.” I read it again. And again. And again, just to make sure. Who the hell is Dreamwalker? “Well, at least it’s not the fisting one again,” […]

Oh sorry Did I upset you And offend you With my jokes And my opinions And my bad language   Are you really Such a delicate little flower That a single drop Of humour Caused you to wilt and wither   Well that’s on you I take no blame You won’t get me To feel […]

How do you feel no shame?   As you cry those crocodile tears Knowing you’re the reason A nation mourns Hearts are torn   How do you feel no shame?   Another man may pull the trigger But with your words in his ears And your hate in his heart   How do you feel […]