Yo, hi, hello. I'm just your standard sarcastic, cynical, satirical guy who doesn't care much for acting in an 'age appropriate' manner, whatever that means. I write poetry and short stories. Not much else to say, really. Ciao!

No I’m not ordering an Americano I don’t want a capp-or-frappucino Don’t offer me a latte or a flat white Unless you’re spoiling for a fight If I ask for coffee, give me coffee Don’t try to question or correct me I mean, how hard can it be? To understand that coffee Means fucking COFFEE! […]

I delayed my reaction And paid for my inaction The time that I lost Came at the ultimate cost You took my hesitation To be an indication That I had no intentions That I felt no affection Towards you And that was when I truly understood With you there really are no second chances   Total […]

Previously: Part 5 All chapters Part 6 Faith. The one thing I had always lacked. In people, in a God, in myself. I needed now to have faith in that which I had dismissed as my imagination, and ultimately all but forgotten. Faith in the very thing that haunted the first ten years of my […]

“This place feels familiar.” I looked around the forest clearing. “Oh, good.” The relief in Violet’s voice was noticeable. “I was afraid you wouldn’t remember it.” I cocked my head to one side. “Have we been here before?” She gave me a look I was far too used to seeing. That look which says ‘you’re […]

You might not be A beauty queen But that don’t mean You’re not beautiful I’ve seen behind Those lonely eyes And deep inside You’re beautiful   So don’t let no-one ever tell you that you’re ugly ‘Cus if they can’t see your beauty, then they’re blind Don’t let no-one ever say that you ain’t good […]

Cold steel in my hand Shimmering I flick my thumb across the blade The soft ping reverberates in my ears The edge is keen Ready I need a release I long for catharsis I wield the knife And begin to cut   I always find cooking to be so therapeutic