Yo, hi, hello. I'm just your standard sarcastic, cynical, satirical guy who doesn't care much for acting in an 'age appropriate' manner, whatever that means. I write poetry and short stories. Not much else to say, really. Ciao!

G’day all. I’ve previously mentioned the plans for my second published collection of writings. Every poem from 2018 will be in there, in the order I wrote them. Obviously the writing is finished, and I believe the formatting is correct as well. Sadly though, I can’t include artwork created by my friend. Even without images […]

Breathtaking beauty Turning heads at breakneck speed No second glances needed For the first simply never ceased Men would fawn and drool Show themselves as nought but fools As she’d take them for a ride Let them fall in love with the outside Before showing them what lay within The putrid centre behind the perfect […]

My mouth is often premature My words are somewhat immature It’s clear that I don’t think before I speak I have no discernible filter It’s not uncommon that I bewilder But it’s just one thing that helps make me unique   I’d have it no other way I like not knowing what I will say […]

I should be thankful For the time you were my friend Our conversations helped a lot As did the beers we shared   But knowing now the different you That others knew I have to wonder did you try to use me? Was I just a pawn to you? A tool you could manipulate For […]

Forever stumbling Through pitch black tunnels Searching for a light But there’s never an end in sight   Forever fumbling In the darkness before me Hoping for a door A ladder A handle A light Just an end to the nothingness But there’s never an end in sight   At times I fall Landing on […]

Twelve more months, done A year of progression Regression Realised ambitions New obsessions Countless questions The breaking of traditions   New friends Good friends And saying goodbye to bad friends Bridges burned Lessons learned Though much I still don’t comprehend   So tonight, I write I think (and drink) Seek out the answers I’ve yet […]

It’s an obsession An addiction An unquenchable thirst I can’t shake it I can’t sate it For better or worse   Through thick and thin Lose or win Sun or sleet Or rain and wind I’ll be stood there Through it all Every kick Every goal Every tackle Every foul   It’s an obsession An […]

I’ll never turn my back on you Never walk away from you I will never abandon you We’re family And I will be Right here next to you Helping you, supporting you Always looking out for you In everything I ever do Whatever this world puts you through We’re family And always will be

A pill for this, a pill for that For building muscle or trimming fat A pill to help with dieting Or supplement our vitamins A pill to help you sleep at night To make you think it’s all alright A pill to take away the pain In your body or in your brain A pill […]