Yo, hi, hello. I'm just your standard sarcastic, cynical, satirical guy who doesn't care much for acting in an 'age appropriate' manner, whatever that means. I write poetry and short stories. Not much else to say, really. Ciao!

Don’t you just fucking love it when you’re trying to focus on the story you’re writing when suddenly another idea pops into your head and that’s all you can think about? Yeah, me neither. But I’m used to these spontaneous bursts of inspiration so just kinda go with it. My latest idea has a working […]

By zephyrs and waves We will get there Surfing the breeze I don’t know where But we will get there A place unknown Beyond our dreams But together We will get there Riding high On rising tides I swear We will get there Hand in hand A far off land I don’t know where But […]

Being popular Doesn’t make you a winner Fewer friends Doesn’t mean that you’ve lost Those are dangerous views to take A smaller, yet closer, circle Is more beneficial Than one that is too large and wide For you to stand in the middle And still touch the sides So be sure However big or small […]

Who here honestly doesn’t love spam comments? Oh, everyone? Well, I’m doing this anyway. To celebrate the fact I am getting more and more spam comments on my posts, I thought I would actually dignify some with a response. Just the shorter and/or more bizarre ones mind, not the essays or those with a thousand […]

The journey’s long But the day is young There’s much to see And much more to learn   Don’t be afraid To lose your way To veer off course To go astray   Take the road That no-one knows Where no-one goes And maps don’t show   This journey’s yours So go explore Find what […]

I spend a stupid amount of time creating book covers. Mostly they’re for the stories I’m never going to finish (or even start in some cases) but sometimes they might actually get used. Like this one I did today. Poems For Our Esteemed Leaders (and other pricks) A series of poems addressed to our errant […]

Welcome To my world My own little corner Of existence Far removed From the reality That society Would force you To accept   In my world The only limits Are those you impose Upon yourself And what is possible Is dictated only By your imagination   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: […]

We approach the checkpoint. The rain hasn’t let up all day and the road is more akin to a river. Muddy brown water flows over the tops of our shoes as it gurgles down hill. We’re trying hard to hold our hoods in place, but the icy wind snaps at our fingers, freezing them down […]

“There’s a hierarchy, kid,” I remember my dad telling me as he cleaned the blood from my face. “You’re the new blood.” I didn’t understand what he meant. “What’s one of them?” “Hierarchy?” he asked. I nodded. “It’s the position each person holds; who’s in charge and who keeps their head down.” “Sounds stupid, dad.” […]

I know I’ll never kill you My greatest enemy For the end of you Would mean the end of me So all I can do Is keep on beating you down However much my fists may bleed With those on my corner Making sure I never quit This endless fight Putting you on the ground […]