The sun has set and gone to bed I’d do the same but I can’t sleep With all these thoughts Running ’round my head The mindless mutterings And the whispered screams From the shadowed corners Of my mind So I walk Beneath a moonlit star-filled sky Hoping to tempt the voices out Into the wide […]

Struck down By a double dose of desolation Like a double-barreled shotgun blast of sadness Straight to the chest What the hell is wrong with me? Last night I was happy Full of mirth On the top of the world And feeling so alive But waking up this morning I’d slid back down the mountainside […]

Am I present in the present Or was I passed by in the past And left behind Am I the one before the mirror Reflecting on the man I see Or am I the reflection looking back Mimicking the man I wish I could be Are my words even my own Or echoes of those […]

So long since I had clear direction I’ve been ambling aimlessly instead Wandering in circles Crossing over my own footprints The breadcrumb trail I thought I’d left Either stolen by birds Or washed away by the rain   I find myself at a familiar crossroads Choosing a new path each time Yet always coming back […]

Her eyes shine with such a light She is the envy of the stars But she hides in the shadows So that they cannot see her scars   She has the heart of a lion And she is equally as fierce But when she looks in the mirror All she sees there is weakness   […]

Medicate me Rid me of the pain Give me every pill that I can swallow Stick every needle in my vein   I don’t want to feel What’s going on within The disease inside my head Underneath my skin   Medicate me, please Give me everything you’ve got I just want to be at peace […]

When I tell the story Of my darkest moment The time I came closest To pulling the plug Too many people tell me “You never should have reached that point” But yes, I should   It was only through that experience I found the strength to confront my demons To seek out the light in […]