The End of Hope

DeadAre happy memories And hope is allBut gone Maggots feedUpon my sorrowAnd the knowledgeI'm alone Flies swarmAround the carcass That my empty heart’s Become They lay their eggsTheir larvae growThey make my soulTheir home And inThe dead of nightThe spiders hunting fliesDo come Leaving itchingSo much itching And the webs of liesThey've spun Then when day breaksAnd they depart I [...]

Waking Up On Mars

It feels like I'm waking up on Mars Silent Desolate Unfamiliar I am alone But free To explore To live Without rules Without boundaries Without judgement Just me And a barren endlessness I can call my own   I wrote this ages ago but never posted it. Didn't think it was good enough. But as [...]

Panic Attack

I went a little off track Hope it's nothing more Than a just minor setback Don't want to have to backtrack Track back Back along the beaten track Uncovering the old cracks Filling up my backpack With the stack of weights that I thought I'd left behind Don't make me go back Back where my [...]


There are days That I feel Like a foreigner In my own skin In my own head As though I don't belong And there lives Another being Much stronger Than I Controlling The thoughts And the voices Compelling me To leave   But what if I do? Where would I go? This mind And this [...]

The Day I Survived

I was certainly tempted By the offer presented It took all of my strength to refuse "Escape from the darkness And all of life's harshness" It seemed almost too good to be true   You were in quite a hurry To finish things early And get the deal over the line It was your desperation [...]


I try not To take it Personally When not even my own Reflection Can bear to look At me It hurts It cuts deep And the only thing That hurts more Cuts deeper Than this self-loathing Is the feeling That this is never Going To change Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: [...]


Beneath My pale skin Flows Stygian blood Carrying shadow Through The crepuscular tunnels That fill This otherwise vacuous And tenebrous body   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: dark

Waiting For The Sunrise

I used to sit And stay awake all night Waiting for the dawn The advent Of a fresh day With new beginnings The rising of the sun An inspiring metaphor Of how I would lift myself From the dirt But it never panned out The way I envisaged And in time I realised my mistake [...]