Safety Security Nothing but lies Luring you in Until you allow the comfort To get the better of you Then somebody will fuck it all up Shatter the illusion On which you risked it all Destroy what semblance of sanity You’d held onto Leave you with nothing But shards Cutting deep Until the blood runs […]

If it feels like I’m pushing you away That’s just my way Of begging you to stay   If it seems like I’m showing you the door I’m not telling you to leave I’m asking you to never go that way   If I act like I want to be alone Don’t leave me on […]

Deep in the darkest forest Amidst the weather-worn trees Gnarled branches intertwined Blocking out the light There lies a cabin Small and tired-looking Lonely   But through the cobwebbed windows And crack beneath the door A soft glow emanates For a fire burns in that cabin Providing comfort, warmth and light Refuge and respite A […]

Self harm Isn’t just slit wrists Cuts on your arms Putting out cigarettes On your thighs   Self harm Is ignoring the storm Never seeking calm Letting the weight inside Pull you down It’s papering the cracks Ignoring the fact That you’ve fallen down And you lack the strength To get back up On your […]

This is the wake-up call That I’ve been waiting for A kick up the backside To start assessing What needs addressing And face the problems I should’ve been solving Don’t worry – I’m not changing I’m staying true to myself Just evolving Upgrading the software Keeping the system the same I’ll still be me Just […]

All I hear right now Constant pandemonium As those damn voices fight For control of the podium Command of the microphone Why can’t they find a peaceful way? I wish I could get them to unite Instead of the constant arguing They could work together And put things right Allow me to focus Then maybe […]

I try to imagine What it would be like To step inside my mind See it from the inside What would I find?   So often it feels Like a cold and empty place Inhospitable To all but the hardiest of feelings   But today A demon has awoken And brought with it a fire […]

Forever stumbling Through pitch black tunnels Searching for a light But there’s never an end in sight   Forever fumbling In the darkness before me Hoping for a door A ladder A handle A light Just an end to the nothingness But there’s never an end in sight   At times I fall Landing on […]

The world is grey today Grey and miserable But not dark No, there is light Breaking through the grey skies Illuminating the grey roads and pavements Lined with grey trees and grey houses Walked by people with grey faces The colour has faded from this world And with it everything that made it so vibrant […]