And once again My chest grows tight I’m drawn back in To the never-ending fight With anxiety And I don’t know If I have the will To face another day Praying it goes away Will I ever be free? From its vice-like grip Or has fear become my crypt   My laptop has died. Any purchase […]

Am I awake Or am I still sleeping Is this real Or am I dreaming Maybe I’m trapped In the space in-between There stands a mirror But who can that be Not my reflection Staring back at me It looks like me And walks like me And as I move It copies me But there’s […]

Whatever you need A shoulder to lean on A sympathetic ear I will be here for you To offer support To listen To show you always have someone And that you are never alone   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or as a Kindle download

The bravest of faces Are not the ones where we fake it But the ones where we let the pain show Dismissing the stigma Not becoming an enigma Saying “This is me and I want you all to know” Don’t hide behind a smile Don’t live a lifetime of denial It’s okay to show the […]

Life Life’s a bitch Everything it does is out of spite Making every day a never ending fight To the point where we lay awake all night Afraid to sleep and afraid to dream Because in the morning comes the light And we see once more that our hopes and dreams Will only ever be […]

Why do you do you this to yourself Suffering; never seeking help Your pain is clear for all to see But you let it fester and eat away Dismiss concern, ignore the pleas Of those who wish for this to cease We ask “What’s wrong?” because we care So please be honest with us and […]

It’s there again Haunting me Taunting me That image in the corner of my eye Everywhere I look it follows I try to shut it out But that only makes it stronger It won’t leave me Evoking those memories I just want to forget Provoking those feelings of anger and regret It’s always there Haunting […]

Kicking the same old can Down the same old street Treading the same old path To the same old beat The same old cracks Underneath my feet Singing the same old songs Like I’m stuck on repeat

All I see and hear is hate And I feel it inside of me I long to find a way to escape A way to set myself free   I don’t know how much more I can take I don’t want to go on like this I need to find that sweet release True bliss, […]

I’m trapped within this nightmare Like prey caught in a snare And if I don’t soon wake I fear what may be at stake Soon it will all be over The shadows are drawing closer Cold, faceless, adumbral Their ghostly fingers unfurl I open my mouth to scream But silence reigns in this dream Darkness […]