I should have been able to rely on you To open up to you To talk about darkness festering inside me To release the demons dwelling in the shadows But I could not Because all you ever did Was make yourself the victim Of the disease that was killing me You told me to keep […]

I acted way too casual I should’ve read the manual But I thought I knew what I was doing I let myself rush Dive in head first Now the world I knew has collapsed I’m buried underneath Trapped In a state of total relapse Everything I thought forgotten Ghosts of my regrets now risen From […]

I can’t rid myself Of these memories Of you Can’t stop the way They feast upon my insides Like some kind of cancer Can’t loosen the grip Shake the hold They have on me I try to run away Hide in the shadows Take shelter in the storm Hoping the rain will wash away All […]

Ice in my veins My heart is frozen Feelings long gone No more emotion Storm in my head My mind is broken No hope for me No way to mend it Don’t try to help me There’s no way to end it   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available […]

I’m running on fumes today Fumes and caffeine I’ve no will No desire No determination I want to roll over Accept defeat Tell the world it’s beaten me But I can’t Because when I’m too tired To run, walk, or even crawl I somehow find a way To keep on moving forward   If you […]

Insomnia Caused by paranoia Convinced that if I fall asleep I may never wake up And in my state of sleeplessness My fear only worsens And when I do drift off Panic sets in And I’m jolted back to wakefulness Heartbeat racing Cold sweat forming I must stay awake So I can see it coming […]

Frantically searching for answers To questions not yet asked Waiting for a bite on the line I haven’t even yet cast Urgently grasping for minutes But time moves way too fast Trying to look to the future But always held back by the past   If you liked this, you should totally check out my […]

It’s the little white lies That do the most damage Like the cut of a knife Over and over again You tell me that you’re okay Even when I know you’re not You tell me that it’s nothing Though I know there’s something troubling you It’s these little white lies That mean I cannot help […]

I’m trapped within this nightmare Like prey caught in a snare And if I don’t soon wake I fear what may be at stake Soon it will all be over The shadows are drawing closer Cold, faceless, adumbral Their ghostly fingers unfurl I open my mouth to scream But silence reigns in this dream Darkness […]

“Are you listening?” the voices ask I ignore them Try to shut them out Hoping if I don’t respond They’ll leave me alone And I’ll have peace at last But still they talk Ceaseless chatter, always there Am I listening? They don’t care On and on these faceless voices drone I miss the silence I […]