Medicate me Rid me of the pain Give me every pill that I can swallow Stick every needle in my vein   I don’t want to feel What’s going on within The disease inside my head Underneath my skin   Medicate me, please Give me everything you’ve got I just want to be at peace […]

When I tell the story Of my darkest moment The time I came closest To pulling the plug Too many people tell me “You never should have reached that point” But yes, I should   It was only through that experience I found the strength to confront my demons To seek out the light in […]

Insomnia Caused by paranoia Convinced that if I fall asleep I may never wake up And in my state of sleeplessness My fear only worsens And when I do drift off Panic sets in And I’m jolted back to wakefulness Heartbeat racing Cold sweat forming I must stay awake So I can see it coming […]

A fog has formed Thick Grey Suffocating I cannot see the path ahead Nor the ground beneath my feet   Voices call to me Looking to guide me But they are faint Muffled by the fog Distorted I cannot tell the direction they come from Whether they are ahead or behind Or even if they […]

As a vaccine needs A sample of the disease As a cure for poison Requires a taste of the venom You will never understand What life is like on the other side If you don’t live it yourself See the world through their eyes Experience the ways They fill their days Or at least take […]

For me Negotiating social situations Is like navigating a narrow ravine In battered old bi-plane With a loose rudder And a tendency to roll Crashing is inevitable And it will not be pretty Or at least That is what I expect And so I find myself Too afraid to fly To even try

See the people And the masks they wear Hiding their pain from one another Lest anybody stare   See their painted smiles And porcelain expressions Under ever increasing pressure Weakened from exertion   See the cracks now forming And flakes of paint falling The scars they tried to hide Now coming into view   See […]

There is a door At the back of my mind Lost in the shadows Behind the boxes of memories Packed away and left untouched For longer than I dare remember Too far back and too well hidden To be reached by the light   There is a door Locked shut and sealed tight Kept out […]

I should have been able to rely on you To open up to you To talk about darkness festering inside me To release the demons dwelling in the shadows But I could not Because all you ever did Was make yourself the victim Of the disease that was killing me You told me to keep […]

I acted way too casual I should’ve read the manual But I thought I knew what I was doing I let myself rush Dive in head first Now the world I knew has collapsed I’m buried underneath Trapped In a state of total relapse Everything I thought forgotten Ghosts of my regrets now risen From […]