Disobey the demons That demand you stay In the cell That they fashioned from yourself   Do not listen to the voices That try to keep you shackled Within your shell   They’ll try to keep you silent Use dirty tricks To make you compliant Make you think They’re all you have When in reality […]

You were looking to escape To freedom or Oblivion We may never know the truth Of what it was you wanted But now you know That those you tried to leave behind Will never let you go If we feel the choice is not your own But is forced on you By a force unseen […]

Standing on the platform Waiting for a train To take me far away from The endless pain   There’s people all around me Yet here I stand alone Ready for my final journey From which I’m never coming home   A note sits by my bedside Waiting to be read Everything I tried to hide […]

I feel like a spider Trapped in the bath Scurrying back and forth Trying to escape By climbing the walls But they are too steep Too smooth There is nothing to hold To pull myself up on So I keep sliding back down And I am tired To try again If only I could fly […]

For too long I repressed my emotion Suppressed the anger and frustration Kept the pain and suffering hidden Until it left me broken Unable to function Then she spoke to me The Mistress of destruction Luring me in with her Cruel seduction I fell for her and the peace she promised me The guarantee that […]

I hear whispers in the dark Though I never see the mouths From which they emanate As though the shadows themselves Are trying to communicate Or some unseen entity A phantom, ghost or deity With a message I must hear Or perhaps it’s my imagination Playing tricks on me I will likely never know Because […]

I am not a survivor I may survive today But the struggle is not yet over Every day will always be a battle Against the demons that plague me The fight rages on An endless war Fought in the darkest of battlefields Where sorrow and regret fester And hope and determination Seem only to wilt […]

Each night I fall asleep Never knowing where my dreams will take me Or what the morning will bring Will it be excitement that wakes me? Or will it be fear that plagues me?   Some days I greet the morning With a vigorous lust for life And others I long for the darkness to […]

I don’t know exactly when it started Where it came from or even why But what matters is that it’s here And it’s never going to die   It sneaked in undetected It made itself at home And not until too late Did it make its presence known   So seductive Yet destructive Prescriptive And […]