I’m digging deep For the memories That I buried Long ago Searching hard For the answers To the questions That I ask Of the world Of myself Of everything I think I know So that I Can satisfy My need to fully Understand The reasons why I cry

I’ve neglected myself Not cared for my health Focused on others But now as I suffer They turn their backs Unable to look As I kneel Head on the block And the headsman, Depression, RaisesĀ his axe

Why do I make promises I know I’ll never keep And why do I only make them To myself? I swear I’ll do better Try harder next time Con myself into thinking I’ll get it right this time And when I don’t I tell myself It’s a victimless crime But the conman inside me Forgets […]

There’s something missing From the world today I don’t know what it is But I’m sure it was still there Yesterday But then again I’ve been locked away For far too long Within myself I can only remember How it all used to be

Memories Cold and harsh as winter Searing pain Stabbing my brain Like splinters Trapped beneath the skin That I couldn’t pull out So I pushed further in Forcing them deeper ‘Til they were hidden   From the outside They will never be evident But I will always feel them A part of me So I […]

Monsters dwell Beyond the walls I built to keep me From my hell So here I dwell Within these walls I built to keep me Safe and well I miss the world Beyond those walls I built to shield me From the cold So I construct worlds Within these walls That no reality Will ever […]

Safety Security Nothing but lies Luring you in Until you allow the comfort To get the better of you Then somebody will fuck it all up Shatter the illusion On which you risked it all Destroy what semblance of sanity You’d held onto Leave you with nothing But shards Cutting deep Until the blood runs […]

If it feels like I’m pushing you away That’s just my way Of begging you to stay   If it seems like I’m showing you the door I’m not telling you to leave I’m asking you to never go that way   If I act like I want to be alone Don’t leave me on […]

Deep in the darkest forest Amidst the weather-worn trees Gnarled branches intertwined Blocking out the light There lies a cabin Small and tired-looking Lonely   But through the cobwebbed windows And crack beneath the door A soft glow emanates For a fire burns in that cabin Providing comfort, warmth and light Refuge and respite A […]