Beneath My pale skin Flows Stygian blood Carrying shadow Through The crepuscular tunnels That fill This otherwise vacuous And tenebrous body   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompt: dark

Waiting For The Sunrise

I used to sit And stay awake all night Waiting for the dawn The advent Of a fresh day With new beginnings The rising of the sun An inspiring metaphor Of how I would lift myself From the dirt But it never panned out The way I envisaged And in time I realised my mistake [...]


You almost had me beat Made me think I would never stand again On my own two feet   You almost won this fight Had me on the ropes Cowering against the blows Landing left and right   I was almost counted out Flat out on the canvas To continue would be madness The referee [...]

The Invisible Cage

Each year it comes; An anniversary Awakening The memory Of desperate times And misery An airless bubble Suffocating me A cage that no-one Else can see From which I still fight To be set free Invisible To all but me   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompts: desperate, anniversary & bubble

Citizen of Darkness

A frisson of excitement Frees me If only for a moment From the prison I too often Find myself inside Barely able to function Forced to suffer The pains of yesterday How did I ever get this way? No longer living I survive Having lost all zest for life A citizen of Darkness Since I was [...]


I do worry Sometimes That were I to rid myself Of my depression I would be cutting away A part of me   For surely these feelings Existed Inside of me from the beginning A disease, yes But invasive, no   Is it right to kill A native species Even when it longs to destroy [...]

The Long Road

The journey’s long But the day is young There’s much to see And much more to learn   Don’t be afraid To lose your way To veer off course To go astray   Take the road That no-one knows Where no-one goes And maps don’t show   This journey’s yours So go explore Find what [...]


People think wellbeing Is about being well But it's not I mean, look at me I'm not well I haven't been for a long time I maybe never will But I'm in a good place Compared to where I've been I've found comfort and contentment To me that's good wellbeing Even if it isn't being [...]