I am not a survivor I may survive today But the struggle is not yet over Every day will always be a battle Against the demons that plague me The fight rages on An endless war Fought in the darkest of battlefields Where sorrow and regret fester And hope and determination Seem only to wilt […]

Each night I fall asleep Never knowing where my dreams will take me Or what the morning will bring Will it be excitement that wakes me? Or will it be fear that plagues me?   Some days I greet the morning With a vigorous lust for life And others I long for the darkness to […]

I don’t know exactly when it started Where it came from or even why But what matters is that it’s here And it’s never going to die   It sneaked in undetected It made itself at home And not until too late Did it make its presence known   So seductive Yet destructive Prescriptive And […]

Would you run into a burning building Bucket of water in hand And when reprimanded by the fire brigade Argue “I was just trying to help”   Would you waltz into an operating theatre Start cutting open a patient And when on the dock in court Argue “I was just trying to help”   Would […]

I am suffering From a lack of worthwhile And meaningful human interaction Cut off from the world And I am afraid that my solitude May be self imposed I want to break free of it But I find myself deafened By a cacophony of loneliness Trapped by walls of despair All I need Is somebody […]

The sun has set and gone to bed I’d do the same but I can’t sleep With all these thoughts Running ’round my head The mindless mutterings And the whispered screams From the shadowed corners Of my mind So I walk Beneath a moonlit star-filled sky Hoping to tempt the voices out Into the wide […]

Struck down By a double dose of desolation Like a double-barreled shotgun blast of sadness Straight to the chest What the hell is wrong with me? Last night I was happy Full of mirth On the top of the world And feeling so alive But waking up this morning I’d slid back down the mountainside […]