Fear Manifests itself In my head Taking over me, until Darkness   Light Shining through The darkness within It can only be You   My attempt at an ‘Elevenie‘ poem, a form I discovered from the fantastic David Ellis over at toofulltowrite   You should check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or as a Kindle download

I’ve been fixed Too many times to count My wounds stitched Both inside and out The broken bones And broken heart All have their own Unique scar Some will fade From sight and mind But those that stay Serve to remind That while I suffered I am still alive I am still here And I […]

I try to do the best I can But nothing goes the way I plan I toil away – but it’s in vain Time and time and time again At first I thought it just bad luck When my dreams became unstuck But now it happens far too much That I ruin everything I touch […]

It’s alright if you cry Sometimes that’s what you need And don’t cover up your scars It’s okay if you bleed   There’s no shame in falling If you get back to your feet There’s no such thing as failing If you have the will to succeed   The sweetest fruit still grows In a […]

I’m under no illusion I suffer no delusion Life’s no fucking cakewalk at the best of times But I will not surrender I know it will get better No matter how tall the mountains I must climb   And though the path grows steeper The shit I wade through ever deeper I keep hoping the […]

There’s no cure for the sickness There’s no antidote or drug No way out of the darkness I’m out of time and out of luck Give up on me, do it please I can’t fight it anymore Let me give in to the disease Because I know there is no cure   Did you know […]

Is there anybody out there? Can anybody hear me screaming? Is there anybody out there? Can someone free me from this nightmare? I’m running, running I’m running in circles Something hunts me, haunts me Stalks me like an animal I’m struggling, stumbling I turn around but there’s nothing Just silence – cold and dark Silence […]

I read the words that I once wrote The way I used to think A snapshot of a younger me Immortalized in ink   It’s so long since I wrote it Yellowed paper, faded lines The handwriting is different But the words I know are mine   And for a moment I travel back I […]

I feel like a fraud Like I’m not really meant to be a part Of this life, of this world Masquerading as something I’m not I don’t belong, I don’t fit in I don’t walk or act or talk The way people think I should Is there’s a rule book that I never read On […]

To the casual observer There’s nothing wrong with me But it’s just a cover There’s so much more than you can see The damage that I’ve suffered Is more than superficial And unlike cuts and bruises It will likely never heal The scars that mark my skin Have bled, dried and mended But those lying […]