To the casual observer There’s nothing wrong with me But it’s just a cover There’s so much more than you can see The damage that I’ve suffered Is more than superficial And unlike cuts and bruises It will likely never heal The scars that mark my skin Have bled, dried and mended But those lying […]

Suffocation Air running out Trying to figure what This life is all about But I can’t find A single clue As confusion strangles Like a noose   It gets harder to breathe My chest grows tight No means of escape Within my sight The walls in my mind Are closing in The only way out […]

I pull shut the curtains in my mind Create a place that I can hide And in the dark I shy away Hoping tomorrow will be okay   But trapped in the crypts within my head Deep in the tunnels I so often tread Thoughts of malice, anger, regret and dread Throughout my mind, like […]

I’ve spent my life asking questions Never finding any answers Not paying enough attention To the path on which I tread   All the questions left unanswered Day by day they weigh down more on me The ground I walk on starts to swallow me Now I’m sinking; I can’t breathe   I don’t want […]

We think it will be so easy It all seems simple at the start But we lose track of where we are And all seems to fall apart It takes us a while to get going We always crawl before we walk But once we’re moving we lose control No longer thinking before we talk […]

Isn’t it funny how life can change One moment it all makes sense The next it all feels so strange Like nothing that you knew was real You’ve woken from a dream Now you don’t know how to feel Still dealing with yesterday Wishing that tomorrow Could just wait another day But time stops for […]

I’ve a past of which I’m not that proud Done things I’d rather not admit out loud Said words that now make me ashamed It would be fair to say that my soul is stained I’ve thought I loved, believed I cared But now I see I was just too scared To go another day out […]

I’ve been threatened by gangs Had bricks thrown at my head Knives held to my throat I’ve overdosed I’ve nearly drowned so many times Come close to ending it all I’ve been to the end of the line .