I was floating in the darkness, Drifting in my loneliness, Fading into nothingness, Then I met you.   Surrounded by devastation, Of my own creation, Trapped in isolation, Then I met you.   I was suffering rejection, Troubled by disaffection, Walking with no direction, Then I met you.   I was lost among the shadows, […]

I did everything you asked of me, Did it just as you asked it to be, Took no shortcuts, no corners cut, But still – you’re not happy. . I ask you, simply, “What’s wrong?” You say that I’ve known all along, That I ignore, what happened before, The reason why your smile is gone. […]

Somewhere there lay a kingdom Lost many long years ago Small and unsuspecting, it Was swallowed by the shadows . Without the light of the sun The crops all withered and died And in the pitch black houses The people cowered, afraid . Against this evil terror The kingdom was powerless The soldiers could do […]