Life often feels like little more Than a game of Russian Roulette Relief at every trigger pull Ending only in a hammer click Before you’re once again reminded There’s still a bullet loaded And each lucky escape Is one less empty chamber Between you And the final round   In response to the Word of […]

Let’s sing You and me Out of tune Out of key   Let’s dance You and I Out of step Out of time   Because I don’t care What others think As long as our hearts Beat in sync  

I delayed my reaction And paid for my inaction The time that I lost Came at the ultimate cost You took my hesitation To be an indication That I had no intentions That I felt no affection Towards you And that was when I truly understood With you there really are no second chances   Total […]

You might not be A beauty queen But that don’t mean You’re not beautiful I’ve seen behind Those lonely eyes And deep inside You’re beautiful   So don’t let no-one ever tell you that you’re ugly ‘Cus if they can’t see your beauty, then they’re blind Don’t let no-one ever say that you ain’t good […]

Playing this game For what feels like forever But whatever I do I can’t beat this level   Stuck doing this quest For far too long I can’t seem to progress What am I doing wrong?   I need to unlock skills To start the next chapter But the only way to learn them Comes […]

Love Should never be a burden A choking collar round your neck A crippling weight upon your shoulders Tripping you with every step It should be what gives you strength Keeps you always pressing on Whatever is in your way And makes you believe That anything is possible

I’d like to dedicate All I create To those who taught me How to hate For they deserve To be observed As part of what helped Make me great   All their spite Taught me how to fight And be sure to never Prove them right The weights they stacked Nearly broke my back Nearly […]