Many Faces

Why must you be Such a contradiction So many sides to you Always causing friction I can't tell which face Is real and which are fiction So I guess you can Call this my valediction

Road to Redemption

Is this the final turning point Am I on the final stretch Is my journey almost done Is the end within my reach   Or is there something else That life has in store for me Is the road to redemption The one on which I'll always be   Response to the Word of the [...]


One year I made a resolution No more gambling Stick with what I got Then I met you Straight away I knew That you're the jackpot The ultimate prize Without you in my life No other vice would suffice So against all advice In outward defiance Of all who considered it unwise I took the [...]

Oh look, another untitled poem

I was just a stupid kid When we first met Didn't know the weight Of all the things I said Could never have imagined The road that lay ahead I'm sorry I deceived you But I deceived me, too   At the time I thought My love was real I've never tried to lie about [...]


I laid bare My soul You covered it In a blanket Of promises And a vow To bring an end To my pain And, in time, You did For since you left I no longer feel Anything At all   Response to the Word of the Day Challenge prompts: climax, belated and naked

Language of Temptation

You speak to me In a language That needs no words To be understood That need never be spoken To be heard And need never be written To be read It needs no teaching Nor learning And requires No translation For you are fluent In the language of Temptation


You are A one in four hundred trillion Possibility An almost impossible Pile of space dust   Riding On a giant rock Through the infinite That is our universe   Brought into existence Against all odds There is no-one And never will there ever be Another just like you   You are Absolutely And unequivocally [...]


I wish to write My own eulogy To tell the story Of my life As a┬árhapsody Of mistold memories A jagged melody Born of reverie An elegy A parody With obscenity To remedy The tragedy That my passing Will inevitably be   Response to Word of the Day Challenge prompts: rhapsody & jagged