I pledged myself to you I’m sure before I even knew Your name I was simply waiting For when the moment came For us to meet We were meant to be A guarantee for eternity In this life, in this time In the last or in the next We were bound to find One another […]

I can’t seem to make it out of second gear Crawling my way through yet another year I don’t know what of but I’m afraid And the overwhelming uncertainty and fear Keeps me from shifting gear I can’t get the clutch to engage I see the others in fast lane Passing me by And I […]

He knew, deep down, That she had not always been there But he could not for the life of him Remember a time when she wasn’t It was as though she’d hacked into his memories And written herself into them

I’ve been bitten Now I’m stricken And I’m ridden with greed All I want Is forbidden But I can’t shake the need   Unbidden This condition Took a hold without permission Now I’m driven By addiction And I’m losing inhibition   I can’t function In this prison Built from urges and obsession But I can’t […]

Bad memories Rear their heads Reminding me Of faces long forgotten Why have they returned? To haunt me? Taunt me? Or is it just chance? I left them far behind me In a past life Out of sight I thought it was over That the dust had settled And covered my tracks But here they […]

If this were a boxing match It would’ve been stopped long ago Every time I stand back up Life lands another blow   Bantam versus heavyweight I never stood a chance Every hook and uppercut Hits me like an avalanche   I try to keep my guard up Sometimes I land a jab or two […]

She took my heart Cold to the touch As still and hard as stone And she held it Palms wrapped around it Holding it to her chest Warming it Thawing it The beat of her own Bringing mine back to life Yet also shaping it Moulding it So intricate in its design That no matter […]

I should be thankful For the time you were my friend Our conversations helped a lot As did the beers we shared   But knowing now the different you That others knew I have to wonder did you try to use me? Was I just a pawn to you? A tool you could manipulate For […]

I’ll never turn my back on you Never walk away from you I will never abandon you We’re family And I will be Right here next to you Helping you, supporting you Always looking out for you In everything I ever do Whatever this world puts you through We’re family And always will be

Two souls Shattered like glass Broken into a thousand shards The pieces scattered With no hope of being made whole again As two But while broken by different means The fragments of one Match so perfectly the other That as one they can be mended Never the same as they once were But made anew […]