I asked them, “For what sins must I atone?” In unison they shook their heads As though I should have known.   “I don’t know what I did,” I say “Nor the words That pushed you all away. And if you do not tell me, I cannot apologise; Fix the cracks between us, Find a […]

Let us walk through the forest Where our dreams grow Beneath imposing trees Of hope and promise Upon a bed of blossom Soft and white as snow Petals brush our fingertips As we pass through   Let’s stay a while in the meadow Where the sun always shines And we need never fear What lurks […]

Perfection is a construct Built by each and every one of us We all have our own idea Of what is perfect And to me, you are it There is not a single thing that I would change I love you for who you are For how you are And it hurts me more than […]

People get the wrong impression When they first meet me I tend to have my shields up Both for my own safety And theirs I come across as quiet and shy Not talkative at all Avoiding unnecessary chatter But then When I feel at ease The shields come down And I let loose The full […]

You’re far too real For this fake world It does all it can to spit you out It can’t control Your purest of souls It can’t handle one so devout   It wants to dominate Subjugate Disempower and humiliate It’s imperious And devious Calculated and duplicitous   But its seduction And corruption Cannot ensnare an […]

You told me there was much you could teach me But if one of us had a lesson to learn It was you I was shackled by regrets Guilt of which I could not rid myself Deeds for which nobody but I could forgive myself So you pledged to help me To free me Give […]

Hand in hand on the riverbank Is how I remember us Just the sound of the waterfall And the beating of our hearts   We never looked at one another We both already knew We were right where we belong You with me and me with you   It may have only been a moment […]

You are the fight I will not run from The storm I will not shelter from The fire I don’t want saving from The prison there’s no escaping from   You bring chaos to the calmness A force no man can harness My refuge from the harshness A pillar of love among the heartless   […]

Somewhere Beyond the impassable mountains And uncrossable rivers Through the untameable forests Over unnavigable seas Past impenetrable strongholds And insurmountable armies There’s a land I know of Just waiting for us All we have to do Is find a way   In response to the Word of The Day Challenge: Circuitous