A stranger walks among you Invisible yet in plain view Watching your every move Learning your secrets Your deepest regrets Hunting, stalking Preying on your memories You tell him all in confidence But his smiled assurances Are empty promises You think he’s friend But he’s really foe Wearing the face of a man you thought […]

People ask me “What is poetry?” And honestly It’s a mystery It doesn’t need rhythm It doesn’t need rhyme And it doesn’t need structure Most of the time It’s like a colour or a feeling It can’t be explained But you know it when it’s there   Did you know I have a book out? […]

I read the words that I once wrote The way I used to think A snapshot of a younger me Immortalized in ink   It’s so long since I wrote it Yellowed paper, faded lines The handwriting is different But the words I know are mine   And for a moment I travel back I […]

I’ve learned my lesson From the crimes of others Been abandoned Too many times Cut loose by those who no longer need me Who no longer want me Who think they can shut me out Then bring me back in when it suits them And I have been too forgiving Trusting too easily when they […]

Everything happens for a reason But I don’t mean fate or religion Cause and effect – a simple concept A reaction for every action   A cause and an effect The effect, in turn, becomes a cause A semblance of order in the chaos So begins a never ending cycle Without pause   Did you […]

It’s easy to spend too much time Looking for the perfect rhyme To match my chosen rhythm Or fit my favourite system I used to try to force it Occasionally outsource it At times I just gave in Decided I could not win But rhymes don’t make the poem Nor do the rhythm or the […]

Take a step back now And see what you’ve become Turn your head back To where you started from Be amazed by Just how far you’ve come And take pride in Everything you’ve done   Everything you’ve been through All the challenges you’ve faced When life got ahead of you You never gave up the […]

The nights are dark But the days are darker still Bastards run amok Only looking to kill . Angry with those Who don’t share their creed Wanting to punish To make them bleed . Outraged by a lifestyle They believe to be wrong So they stab and they shoot And they set off bombs . […]